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Parijat Academy provides free education for underprivileged children in Assam, India.

A rural revitalization program offering free medical care, reforestation, and education for the poor.

is a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Supporting research to find a cure for various cancers

Swami tells a beautiful story of how to bring peace and wholeness back into human existence and unity into the world.

   There is a little boy who found his way into his father's study. The little boy is not permitted in there normally because there are some very valuable papers inside, and the door is kept closed. But one day the door happened to be ajar and the window was also open a little, so that a bit of a breeze was blowing through the room. The boy saw the open door and went inside. And just then a very important paper was carried by the breeze off the desk and wafted down onto the floor. It was a very old and very rare map of the world, a very beautiful map with many colors, each representing a different country.

  The boy saw this beautiful piece of paper. He picked it up and looked at it, then he bent it this way and that, making a little boat out of it and then a hat and then a house. Oh, it was so nice to play with! But the ancient map could not stand so much bending and soon it was in two pieces and then in four and then in eight and then in lots and lots of pieces comprising many different colors. The little boy was just delighted with this new turn of events... now he had more things to play with, and so in no time at all, the whole world was in pieces

  The father came in. He saw that his boy had been playing with the world and that he had managed to tear the whole world into pieces. The father was very much disturbed. He said,  "Son, look at what you've done. You've torn the world into pieces."
But, after all, it was his son and he was just a little boy and he was really quite innocent. He just happened to wander in there and start playing; so the father couldn't really be too angry with him. But, nevertheless, the world was now in pieces, and so the father decided to teach the boy an important lesson. He said, "Son, you shouldn't have torn the world into pieces.  Here, I will give you some tape and you put it all back together again. When you paste it back together, daddy will feel better and you will also feel better."

    Try as he would, the little boy didn't know how to put the world back together again. There were just too many pieces and he just couldn't understand how they were meant to fit together. But then a gust of wind came and one of the pieces happened to be blown onto its backside. There on the back of the paper he saw a human eye. Well, that was surprising. He turned another piece over and on its backside he found a hand. And then on another piece he saw a nose, and on another a foot, and then the top of a head, and a shoulder, and pretty soon he had all the pieces over on their back and saw all the different parts of a human being.

    Well, even a little boy knows what a human being looks like. Now he had a puzzle that he could solve. Pretty soon he had the whole human put together again. When he used the tape to hold all the pieces together he found that he now had a beautiful image of a complete human being. Then, when he turned the pasted together pieces over, to his delight he discovered that the whole world was back together again.

   So, the whole world is in pieces and no one knows how to put it back together again. But put the human being back together and the whole world comes together again automatically. That is really what
human values education is all about. And that is something we must foster and spread in the world. Let each put himself together and the world will come together.